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  • TweetChirp Assistant

    by RayTesluk
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Tweet Chirp Assistant DESCRIPTION Tweet Chirp Assistant (TCA) is a bird caller/identifier or a general image/audio application. The 'image' file can be anything (bird, animal, insect, people, building, landscape etc.) and the ASSOCIATED 'audio' file can be anything (bird call, animal or insect sounds, person narration, explanation of a landscape or a building etc.) REQUIREMENTS 1. sdcard minimum 100 MB 2. Android OS 2.2 or higher 3. Free Sample Package that is found at as a zipped file. This file is unzipped to the sdcard as a FOLDER named 'TCAsamples'. USAGE TCA starts with a view of the folders on the sdcard. Tapping the folder reveals several sub-folders that are standard bird groups and one sub-folder containing ALL of the WAV and JPG files. The funky 'bird' ICON denotes an IMAGE file. The funky 'two note' ICON denotes an AUDIO file. The User taps one of the sub-folders that reveal a list of birdcalls with the .WAV extension (AUDIO file). Tapping one of the bird NAMES (with EXTENSION WAV, MP3. MID or OGG) begins the BIRDCALL. IF there is an associated JPG file (IMAGE file), the CALLING, VOLUME and PIC buttons at the top will change to the SAME colors as the Bird Name Label. Tapping the PIC button displays a picture of the calling bird that is also displayed on the MAIN screen as background. If there are other images of the bird (Lst), the User can rotate thru them. In addition, ALL of the images (Grp) in the sub-folder may be seen one at a time. The bird NAME changes color randomly with each tap. NOTE: You can also tap an IMAGE file ('funky bird' ICON) to begin the BIRDCALL if there is an ASSOCIATED AUDIO file. SUPPORTED FORMATS TCA supports FOUR audio formats; namely, WAV, MP3. MID and OGG. TCA supports FOUR image formats; namely, PNG, BMP, GIF and JPG. Now the fun begins. The User can add any of these audio/image format files to the sdcard. Play any (WAV, MP3. MID, OGG) audio file and View with any (PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG) image file. TCA recognizes the ASSOCIATION between audio and image files in the SAME sub-folder as follows: EXAMPLES OF ASSOCIATION American Robin.WAV/MP3/MID/OGG will display American Robin.PNG/BMP/GIF/JPG OR American Robin2.PNG/BMP/GIF/JPG OR American Robin123.PNG/BMP/GIF/JPG The opposite is true also: American Robinxyz.WAV/MP3/MID/OGG will display American Robinxyz.PNG/BMP/GIF/JPG OR American Robinxyz2.PNG/BMP/GIF/JPG OR American Robinxyz123.PNG/BMP/GIF/JPG OPTIONS/FEATURES There is an OPTION to set any folder as the opening folder when the application starts (About -> Options). The RECALL feature keeps a history of the birds that have been identified. PURCHASES The User can purchase any number of regional packages from for 14.95 USD per region. The regional packages available are the 50 states and District of Columbia of the USA, 10 provinces and three territories of Canada. Happy Birding ... CREDITS anywhere software Erel Uziel MediaPlayer Code David Erez TreeView Code Klaus Christl HelpScrollView Code Andrew Graham Reflection Library ABOUT Program: TweetChirp Assistant V 1.0 Date: Jun 2011 Written By: Ray Tesluk M.D. Recent changes: Search Function (Main Screen) About -> Options View Folders' images, play audio files In PIC, view ALL images of a single bird. Check Help for more details Content rating: Everyone



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