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  • Writenote Lite

    by SEETA
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WriteNoteLite is a powerful note-taking tool that supports handwriting. It offers a separate close-up view( lower view) for writing and one can concatenate this with existing notes just by double tapping on close-up view. It also allows using of different colors and stroke smoothing. you can use it to store class notes, TO-DO lists, research notes, journal entries, paper outlines in handwritten format. WriteNoteLite benefits include: 1. CLOSE-UP HANDWRITING Write comfortably with your finger, your text will show up as fine as with pen and paper. You can save your file in image format. 2. EASY EDITING You can edit your previous file by opening your file in editing mode. You can concatenate your new data in your file and save it. 3. (LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT) CLEAN & NATURAL USER INTERFACE As you can see from the screenshots below, this app stands out for its clean interface. A great effort was put in to hide controls so that it would not cluster the interface. Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-29-2010
    version was updated
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