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  • IPv4 & IPv6 addr check (Free)

    by dfhexpert
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This free application checks and converts IPv4 ( and IPv6 (a::b) addresses. A paid for version (modest cost) enables the checking from another app via an Intent. An IPv4 address can be specified in native (, compressed (::, mapped (::FFFF: or IPv6 (0:0:0:0:0:0:1122:3344) formats (without a /). IPv6 addresses can be specified in native (a:b:c:d:e:f:g:h) or compressed (a::b:h) formats (without a /). This app will display valid IPv4 addresses in native, compressed and mapped formats, as well as in IPv6 native and compressed layouts. IPv6 addresses get displayed in native and compressed formats (with the IPv4 fields set to their zero IP values). If this app is supplied with an invalid IPv4 or IPv6 address the reason code for rejection is displayed, and the various IP address fields set to their zero IP address (, ::0 etc.). If there are multiple reasons for rejection, this app works in an algorithmic way, so the rejection reason may not be the one expected! The associated reason codes for failure are available from the app menu. 中国程序员会发现这个程序非常有用,因为IPv6是普遍。 Recent changes: Initial Release Content rating: Low Maturity



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