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  • Unix-Linux Reference Cards

    by NadSoft
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The best Collection of Unix and Linux quick reference cards. 41 Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the exact syntax wherever you go. NOTE: App can be moved to the SD Card!! Contents: ========= AIX Quick Sheet AWK Quick Reference Bash Reference Debian GNU - Linux Reference Card Linux Admin Quick Reference Linux Command Cheat Sheet Linux RPM Command Cheat Sheet Linux Security Quick Reference Guide Linux System Call Quick Reference SED Command Summary Solaris Quick Sheet The One page Linux Manual Unix Quick Reference Vi Reference Card VIM Quick Reference XEmacs Reference Card Recent changes: 1.0.3 Fixed a small problem with image proportions. 1.0.4 Fixed a memory problem. App should use a lot less memory now. Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-29-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-29-2010
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