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Dear Bullrunners !!! BullRun is now equipped with an Iphone and Android app that will turbo-charged your rally experience… The BullRun app will help you find your way around the check points and also to localizeall the other participants in REAL-TIME!!! Download it now and Join the BullRun network of online rides. The BullRun app is hosted on the Klutch22 network, a world leader in real-time car tracking and events hosting for car enthusiast. So use the BullRun app this week and keep using it after to know who is riding around and to promote your own cars meets or rally. How: A -Go on the Appstore or Android market and download the BullRun app. B -Create your Bullrun account using "facebook connect" directly on you smartphone. or -Go on and complete your account on your computer. C-Your ride is now connected on the Network…now just ride better :) IMPORTANT "MUST USE" FEATURES ON THE APP: -Report cops and road hazards on the road (iPhone & Android) -Chat between participants using the Bullrun messagerie…envelope button. (Iphone only) -Use the "exotic spotter" button to take pictures of others cars or funny events during the rally , it will be displayed on your personal Facebook page. (iPhone & Android). -This app will be your best tool during the rally, but it will become your best friend thorough the year…so stay connected with us! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: -The app is only giving your smartphone location, not your car. As long as the app is on it will display your position. -It's your responsibility to turn off the app when you don't want to display your position anymore. -The usage of a car charger during the rally is recommanded for a maximal use of the App. -Crossing low cellphone reception zone will give a "failed to update the map" message…the map will load again when reception gets better. Content rating: Low Maturity



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