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Top 1 iPhone Games – US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, ... ★ ★ Over 6 Million iPhone Players! Join in! ★ ★ -"Jesus Christ! The perfect game for me. I love Snake, doodle graphics and glow in the dark stuff. Put three together and consider my mind blown." - - "Best game ever!" - -"Please friends just download this game and play it… It is a wonderful game… The Glow Doodle Snake provides a very easy and most effective game play strategy that makes as addictive towards it" - - " I would recommend this to anyone looking for a simple game!" - - "This is ... aaaawwwweeessssooooommmmeeee!!! BEST APP EVER!!" - itunes Review Glow Doodle Snake is an Android version of the classic snake game which was popular on the original Nokia phones. The game is also available on iPhone. ★ Facebook ★ 3 great game modes ★ 2 control types ★ Global High Score ★ 2 texture styles – Doodle & Glow ★ Pause option ★ Warning - Highly Addictive ★ Content rating: Low Maturity



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