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  • GU.NA.RE.A

    by SARMA
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It is the simple, orthodox, and stoic puzzle game for one person created for tablet terminals (for Honeycomb). Since a tile is displayed on a screen, it is a game clearance, when it chooses and removes two tiles of the same pattern at a time and all are removed. If one tile is chosen first, it sees from the tile and the tile of the same pattern is chosen out of "the surrounding tile", "a horizontal tile", and "a vertical tile", it can remove from a screen. If a tile is removed, the tile which was on the right-hand side of the tile will be got blocked leftward. It is game over when the tile to remove is lost. The cleared time is displayed on a ranking screen. If it is the clearance for within 10 minutes, it is a beginner's level. If it is within 5 minutes, it is a intermediate level. If it is within 3 minutes, it is an advanced level. It is a God level if it is within 2 minutes. Although created for a tablet terminal, the limit is removed so that the play of those other than a tablet terminal may also be made. However, since it will very be hard to play if screen size is small, please play at a tablet terminal. Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-29-2010
    version was updated
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