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*Demo versión (in full version you have 35 levels). Enjoy an exciting and challenging fireworks game Tour the world putting on fireworks displays Take a snapshot of your fireworks Fireworks Game features a fun and challenging way to view a spectacular fireworks display. You're trying to hit a wave of fireballs launching into the air. Every fireball you hit explodes like a 4th of July firework. You must hit enough fireballs to get to the next level. As you go up the levels, you'll be putting on fireworks displays with spectacular backgrounds, such as famous cities, monuments, and buildings. You can pause the game, and also take snapshots of your fireworks to save in your gallery. Keywords: fireworks, fireworks display, fireworks, Cienfuegos, rocket, space Coet, cadenaci fireworks, fireworks, rockets, spacial, games, fireworks, games, fireworks, fireworks photo, fireworks blanes, sinai fireworks , shooting fireworks, colorful fireworks, gif fireworks, fireworks, fireworks pictures, fireworks conception, moon fireworks, fireworks, meteor, brushes fireworks, pyrotechnics Tultepec, videos, fireworks, fireworks photo, fireworks, fireworks, sparks, fireworks, pyrotechnics Tultepec English fireworks, fireworks mallorca, firework displays, fireworks Quilicura game fireworks, fireworks for weddings, brushes fireworks, pyrotechnics, fireworks games, fireworks, firework game, Chinese fireworks display, fireworks Chinese Recent changes: Added vibration on explosions. Content rating: Everyone



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    version was updated
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