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  • Tac-Star

    by SONIQ
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A fast paced strategy between you and the computer. Capture planets and defeat your foe. 30 levels of frantic action. Each level you must capture planets by bringing more space craft to the planet than your foe. Enemies fight it out when contesting a planet. The computer thinks quickly, and so must you if you are to capture all the planets before it does. Friendly planets generate more space craft every few seconds. The first two levels are basic introductory levels which demonstrate the game play. To select your ships touch them on the screen. To widen the number of ships selected hold the finger on the screen for longer. To move the selected ships, slide your finger to where you want them to go. To capture a planet you need to bring more ships to it than your opponent, and it will then begin producing more ships for you. The opponent acts quickly and so must you if you are to defeat it. Once you have captured all the planets you must hold them for a short time to win the level. Select one or more space craft by touching them on screen. Keep pressing your finger down to increase the number of craft selected. Then drag your finger to the location you wish to send the group of space craft. Recent changes: - Modified splash screen. - Updated Share App - V1.07 - Easier difficulty - V1.07 - New ships begin orbiting planet. Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-29-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-29-2010
    title was updated


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