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  • [RPG] Devil's Creed_for Pad

    by Alioth Corp.
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Speed! Skill! And Power! Try the annual hit mobile game, Devil King! Specifically designed for the Tablet PC, you can get the most stunning visual experience Keywords: defense, jump, story, battle, war, wars, trial , control, zombie, japan, japanese, engeance, samurai, mmorpg, attack, combat, angry, hungry, god, hunter, defence, defender, ninja, demon, diablo, shoot,fighter,fighting Can human beings live in peace with Devils? Who are supposed to hold justice? Always human beings? 100 years ago, the Devil King defeated the invading human troops, and ushered and enjoyed 100-year-long peace. Now, the human beings again covet after the Devil kingdom. Peace or ruins? The young Devil King will tell… Another most hit RPG issued globally, with versions of different languages; Perfectly support English, including dialogue, menu, etc. With dozens of ascending levels in one game lasting hours; Unique skills and weapons allow players more freedom of choices; Quasi-“PlayStation3 Trophies” system makes game play more fun. Powerful weapon system Sword Swords are as sharp as they are fast and powerful, fit for both offence and defense actions. Fist Devil prince’s long arms, with their unique boxing, are fatal to their opponents. Gun Distant-range weapon allows shooting from different angles. Together with bullets, gun will shoot laser and flame, and most powerful “meteor rain” killing opponents within seconds. Now, try magic flying with dragon and wonderful fighting with opponents in air. You can experience special romance with human girl, and be awakened by your opponents’ blood! Support the terminal: Lenovo (Lepad), Samsung (Galaxy Tab), Dell (Dell streak), Motorola (Xoom), Asus (EeePad), etc. This version of the game for mobile phones and other exciting games, please search through the Android Market access Alioth Corp Content rating: Medium Maturity



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