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Knights in medieval warfare. An addictive game of strategy & tactics. Train your knights [on the Left] and send them to battle the enemy army [on the Right]. The Objective is to destroy the enemy Camp. The battle takes place on 2 fronts - top and down. Earn enough credits to deploy the following units: * Rookie Knights [ 5 credits ] * Spear Knights [ 10 credits ] * Experienced Knights [ 20 credits ] * Archers [ 40 credits ] Credits are incremented by 20 every few seconds (experience points) and also added for each enemy killed. Strategy & Tactics: 1. Deliberately fight prolonged battles in the lower levels so as to collect as many credits as possible. Use these credits to your advantage in the upper levels to deploy more archers and experienced knights. Be careful about deploying too many archers in the early levels as this can wipe out your credits. 2. Try to quickly capture at least half the battle field. This gives you a strategic advantage as it prevents enemy from releasing many knights which can be deadly especially if they are archers. 3. Archers are very powerful when grouped, where they can release an almost continuous stream of arrows. This is how you win the higher level battles. Provides hours and hours of fun and pure enjoyment. Play KNIGHTS WAR today! Installs on external SD card for Froyo. App2SD supported. Tablet Ready. Content rating: Low Maturity



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