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The purpose of the game is to contain the atoms within a room at most 25% the size of the initial room. By touching the screen to create lines, the user must contain atoms in smaller and smaller rooms. When a room is made that contains no atoms, the room disappears. When masked area percentage reaches less 25%, the level is won and play proceeds to the next level. The first level has one atom, and each subsequent level has an additional atom. There are 7 distinct levels, and upon beating the 7th level (containing 7 atoms). Also known as: airxonix, sexonix, ballz, qix, jezzball Recent changes: - integration with flickr, that means: more girls, more fun, more levels. Content rating: High Maturity



  • 07-29-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-29-2010
    title was updated

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