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How fast can you catch the droid? A simply addictive game where you must catch the droid by tapping it as it moves around your screen. Get the best time you can, then go ahead and beat that score. Post your scores to your Facebook or Twitter right from the app and see if you can beat out your friends. Check out the settings to adapt the game to your personal preferences. Catch the droid, and find out this; do you have what it takes to unlock Steve Jobs mode? Go back and play. PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED Network Communication: full internet access -used to post your score to Facebook/Twitter Hardware Controls: control vibrator -vibrate phone on touch of the droid(can be toggled in game settings) FACEBOOK PERMISSIONS Access my basic information -basic permissions from Facebook Post to my wall -in order to post score to Facebook TWITTER PERMISSIONS Basic Permissions from Twitter (not used) -Read Tweets from your timeline -See who you follow, and follow new people -Update your profile Post Tweets for you -in order to post score to Twitter Catch The Droid! Free will not store any of your passwords. Facebook and Twitter functionality subject to data services connection quality. CREDITS Image Urls <> <> <> <> <> <> Shout out to Stack Overflow android development support community...numerous times where contributions were a complete lifesaver...keep on keeping on... Catch The Droid! Free is 100% free, No Ads, Full Version Content rating: Everyone



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