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Xinhua News Agency reported the object to launch Internet multimedia news section "Network in China." "Network in China," Xinhua News Agency integration of text, pictures, television, Internet and other media reported that the form is intended for network events, hot topics, trends in public opinion, trends, etc. to sort out and observe. "Network in China" report includes four series: one moving series, targeted at the people and events moving users; second survey series, highlighting the characteristics of the network analysis online dig hot events; third is to verify the series, the first time network to verify and clarify the hot events; Fourth inventory series, the daily hot spots and focus attention on the network for inventory and analysis. China Unicom Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Branch is the Xinhua News Agency, "China net thing new media clients' strategic partner, Zhejiang Unicom WCDMA3G network standard is the world's most sophisticated communications technology, 80 percent of countries have adopted the network technology, known as the world's widest range of applications, the largest number of 3G network users. Content rating: Medium Maturity



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