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Time Input Made Easy for Wise planning. The Timewise calendar fills the void on stock Android calendars and has built-in integration with Google calendars. Timewise patent-pending sporadic events feature and voice recognition capabilities makes inputting new events quick and pain-free. Current Top Features: • SPORADIC events options that significantly reduce input time • VOICE COMMANDS option for speaking new event input • Share events via Bluetooth, Facebook, Gmail, Messaging • Integrated with Android calendars and separate Timewise calendar • Month, Day, Week, and Event views • Quick toggle for on/off display of event times in calendar Month view • Swipe between Months, Days, Weeks • Quick “Select” Month, Day, Year option from Month view • Ability to assign colors to events easily distinguishable in calendar views • Ability to tag events for easy filtering • Ability to set one or several reminders for events • Task list with reminders HOW DOES THIS DIFFER FROM OTHER CALENDAR APPS? Timewise is the ONLY calendar app that allows you to enter multiple dates for one event in a single screen thereby significantly reducing the time spent entering those events. Adding events like little league baseball games, religious education meetings, project management meetings, etc is done with a few taps in a single screen. Timewise Voice Recognition is yet another feature that enables you to speak new event input eliminating most of the key input. This app is a must-have for everyone! Localizations: English. New languages will be added in future releases. Content rating: Everyone



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