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  • Pocket Notify

    by Aftabs
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Pocket Notify allows you to check for missed events such as missed phone calls and missed SMS messages without having to take your phone out of your pocket or purse. You no longer have to even look at your phone to check for missed events (calls and SMS) - Pocket Notify provides you with feedback such as ringtone and vibrate. Simply configure Pocket Notify and turn on the service. Press the power button to unlock your phone while it is still in your pocket or purse and Pocket Notify will vibrate or play a ringtone to notify you of any missed events. Pocket Notify doesn't require internet permission or internet access (your data is 100% safe) and has no ads. Future (free) updates will add: - ability to get notified based on the current ringer profiles. - support for additional events such as new gmail emails, IM notifications, calendar, etc. - Much more Content rating: Everyone



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