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  • Advanced Tip Calculator

    by U.S. of Rob
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Easily calculate your tip and total using over a dozen different tip calculation methods. Enter your total bill cost, choose your favorite tip method and select whether it applies to your Total or Tip. Then slide the Quality of Service until you get your desired tip and total. For those that don't like change, you can just use the "Old School" method and it will calculate your tip and total based on a straight percentage. But, for the more adventuresome, I suggest you try the other more fun methods. For example, if you want to pay with cash and not have to carry around any change, select "Easy Rounder" for "Total". It will round the total to the nearest dollar and show you the available tip percentages as you slide the Quality of Service. Also, if you wanted to pay with a credit card for the bill, but pay cash for the tip, and had 55 cents in your pocket to get rid of, then select "It's My Fav!" for "Tip" and set your favorite number to 55. It will only select tip values that end in 55. There are many other options available for the Tip Methods. Please select the "?" button to see descriptions and examples. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions for new tip methods, please email me at atc (a) . Thanks, -Rob Recent changes: Initial release! Content rating: Everyone



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