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Quadroville 3D FPS Lite - the free version This is the free version of Quadroville 3D FPS and contains adverts. Try this version and then when you are ready upgrade to the full version. Technical Requirements: Any phone running version 2.1 of the OS or above should run this game without issue. Some of the older 2.1 and 2.2 phones might struggle for performance with only about 25 frames per second. From our tests all of he recent smartphones/tablets running 2.3 or above are going to get at least 60 frames per second. If you are running previous to OS 2.1 then your device will cope poorly with any OpenGL game such as this. This version is free so please try it and if you run into any issues then email us. ========================================== Welcome to Quadroville the 3D First Person Shooter where the goal is to remove the criminals from the street and protect the innocent civilians. You can arrest the criminals or simply gun them down in a street battle. Everything might be square in the retro City of Quadroville but the law enforcement and police action is most certainly not. You play a cop who is charged with dealing with the criminal hordes with the goal of being promoted as high up the force as you can. The more successful you are at policing the streets then the more points you will get and the higher your rank will go. This 3D first person shooter is perfect for those journeys to work. Simple controls allow instant access to the streets and the shooting begins immediately. Instuctions: The screen is divided into 4 touch areas as follows: - Top Left allows you to walk - Bottom Left allows you to retreat - Top Right allows you to knock criminal to ground ( then walk over them and once again click Top Right to attempt to arrest them ) - Bottom Right allows you to shoot - Tilt the device left and right in order to turn Written by: Simon Tettmar Jonathan Tettmar Content rating: Everyone



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