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  • Trampoline Dude

    by Mangobile
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Bouncing on a trampoline is Dude's one and only passion. Not that he's any good at it. But he really wants to show off his sports skills and impress the little neigborhood-girl Lily. But it turns out that Lily is quite demanding and not that easily impressed. So Dude does what a real man has to do: Tuck in his beer belly, take a deep breath, and do stunts no sane person would ever consider doing. Uses OpenFeint 1.9.3. Features (full version) ------------------------ 1) 3 play modes: Lily's Tasks, 50-Jump, 100-Jump 2) 3 different OpenFeint Leaderboards (for each play mode a separate leaderboard) 3) 9 different OpenFeint achievements Instructions ------------ 1) To build up momentum press the accelerate button BEFORE Dude hits the trampoline. You can release the button once Dude is shooting upwards. Don't press the accelerate button too early, since Dude is losing kinetic energy during this time (only while he is moving downwards). 2) Dude has to execute the type of flip displayed in the upper right corner. The first flip icon (with the red frame) shows the flip type he has to perform right now. The 2nd flip displayed to the right is the one he has to perform afterwards (queue). The number on top of the flip icon indicates how many spins Dude has to do before hitting the trampoline. 3) Each jump grants a maximum of 100 points, depending on Dude's angle while hitting the trampoline. 4) Dude only gets points if he excatly performs the flip shown in the upper right corner (type of flip and number of spins). 5) Whenever Dude hits the trampoline without performing the required flip, 5 penalty points will be substracted. 6) There is no penalty before Dude does his first flip, so in the beginning you can accelerate as often as you see fit. Ratings & Comments Instructions -------------------------------- We really appreciate market comments like this: "Dude, this game rocks!" "Awesome game, Dude." "Quite nice, Dude, but it would be even better if ..." "Dude, there is a problem with my device xyz. The problem is that ..." Technical Issues ----------------- If you run into technical problems with the game, just drop us a few lines via email ( Don't forget to mention the title of the game and the type of the device you are using. We always try our best to provide help if there is an issue. Soundtrack ----------- Kevin MacLeod Thanks a lot, Dude! Enjoy the game! Tags: Trampoline, Sports, Dude, OpenFeint, Leaderboard, Mangobile, party, beer Content rating: Everyone



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    version was updated
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