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Watch TED Talk Video on your Tablet or Phone via WiFi or Data Connection with TEDTalks (Free) from GNUdroid This Version of TED Talks is ad-supported if you find them annoying they can be disabled by purchasing the paid version of TED Talks from GNUdroid for only 99 (US) pennies. TED Talks was designed to be a single utility application that does one thing and does it well, without a lot of user interface in your way. Simple Elegant Controls: Swipe Left = Next Talk Swipe Right = Previous Talk Swipe Up = View Change (Video->Slide->List) Swipe Down = Share Tap = Play/Pause Double Tap = Exit Video There are no seek controls, as TED Talks are best enjoyed in their entirety, and are usually only a few minutes each. View videos in Landscape or Portrait. TED Talks are updated a few times a week. Why a dedicated TED Talks viewer? It takes to long to check for new TED Talks in normal podcast apps. Scroll through endless feeds no more. When in the Mood for an intelligent and entertaining discussion. Tap TED Talks Penguin and enjoy. More History: After watching a couple of Google Engineers give a TED talk on the possibility that Google itself was conscious, it seemed like a good idea to test that theory. Each function of TED Talks started its life as a Google Search Query. *Coming Soon Download to SD Card. GNUdroid, TED, TEDTalks, Streaming Video, Video Content rating: Everyone



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