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‘Vision IP Viewer’ is and App which shows live video from IP cameras and video encoders on your Android phone at anytime and anywhere in the world where WiFi, 3G or 4G communication is available. It supports max. 4 channels live video on a quad window and users can switch from one channel to another channel coming from different IP cameras and encoders by just touch, drag and drops. Taking a snapshot image while looking at the live video and recording it in JPEG format into your SD card of Smartphone are also available. In full screen mode, camera control in up and down, right and left as well as diagonal direction is possible. Also, by clicking zoom and focus icon, both zoom in/out and focus +/- function are available, too. (Camera control is supported only when your IP camera is PTZ IP model or video encoder with PTZ camera.) This application is only for IP Camera and video encoder products of Visionhitech. It supports Android OS higher than 2.1 but we strongly recommend OS version 2.3 (Gingerbread). Content rating: High Maturity



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