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  • RedDonut Free -Movie Streaming

    by modudonuts
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RedDonut is a tasty system for multimedia streaming. RedDonut supports many video formats and subtitles(smi, srt) No need to transcode or download movie file. On the android device, you can watch a movie file in your PC. RedDonut is an air-video for the android. Download and install RedDonut for the PC from RedDonut is supported on 3G and WiFi, depending on your PC's network environment. Vitamio, Media Player plug-in, must be installed on your android device. Vitamio is free. You can watch a movie anywhere with RedDonut. Happy and tasty traveling with RedDonut. multimedia streaming, video, air video, air-video, streaming. Recent changes: -fix bug : fix force closing at the begining very ocassionlly. Content rating: Low Maturity



  • 07-30-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-30-2010
    title was updated


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