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It is very simple: You will find in each level one enigma based on a short text and some image. Only with that information you should find an answer. Probably you will need to search some stuff on the internet, you can do that touching the -Google it- button and the browser will show up. When you have the answer, put it on the text box in the bottom and touch the OK button. If it was correct, then you are able to go to the next level. If not... still thinking and searching! Each level gives points, but dont hurry, because if the answer is wrong you will lose some points too. Recent changes: - 4 new levels added - Some bug fixes - Send your own level! - Now supports Android 2.1 - 5 new levels added Content rating: Medium Maturity



  • 07-30-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-30-2010
    title was updated

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