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Take wise decision and avoid catastrophe by taking micro second decisions with quick n witty mind in this addictive airplane management game. Are you up to the task? It is the survival game where you need to clear and manage planes for take off and landing and then for either repairing, refueling or passenger terminal or all as flight controller.You start the game as the lead Air Traffic Controller at Airport terminal. Help Airplane land at your airport before they run out of fuel. Direct them to the gate to unload passengers and to the fuel shop to prepare for their outbound journey. Then it is time for more passengers and a timely takeoff. Be aware as thousands of passengers depend on you! Pit stop like car for an air plane to manage and route them without crashing or lost. Increase management skills like runway manager. Features: * Drag planes to the runway and navigate accordingly * theme and background music as per the requirement *30 achievements to unlock *4 unique airport terminals to play *Smooth and addictive game play * Multiple runways, refueling points,Terminals and service depots - Increasing difficulty and challenges in rush airport terminals - Global high scores open feint integration KW: airplane games, air attack, apache attack, air control, flight control, flight director, runway, air traffic control, addictive game, air games, flight games, Recent changes: reported bugs fixed Content rating: Everyone



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