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-3 Widgets -Separate Speakerphone Volume Control -Auto Speakerphone -Horizontal Speakerphone Speakerphone Volume Control - A simple tool that allows you to control the speakerphone volume without any effort. When the speakerphone is turned on the volume will adjust to the preset volume automatically! Auto Speakerphone - Incoming and outgoing calls can be automatically routed through the speakerphone. Perfect for *near* hands free driving. Horizontal Speakerphone - Puts phone calls in speakerphone mode when the phone is placed on a flat surface. *At the moment the speakerphone turns on but is not reflected on the speakerphone button, but still works. Widgets - Three useful widgets to help stay informed of which settings are active. Please exclude Speakerphone Volume Control from any TasKillers. Android only provides one 'In-call volume' this app allows you to have two distinct volume controls, the regular phone volume and the speakerphone volume. This app has low battery usage, basically the application only runs during phone calls. Widgets naturally use more battery. Find something wrong? Send me an email. Keywords: speakerphone speaker phone volume volumes control controls audio manager audiomanager calls call log contact contacts favorites auto hand hands free handsfree car dock automatic widget widgets vibrate silent loud quiet system Recent changes: 1.5 - Added 3 Widgets, small bug fix 1.4.1 - Bug Fix 1.4 - Bug Fix 1.3 - Added new feature - Horizontal Speakerphone! Drastic UI changes, still a work in progress. Code Cleanup, Bug Fixes 1.2 - Added new feature - Auto Speakerphone! Bug fixes to improve volume adjustment reliability. Content rating: Everyone



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