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Fuel log, car costs tracker and fuel economy calculator with AUTOMATED recording of recurring costs (leasing, assurances etc.)! Just select the interval (yearly, monthly or weekly) and let the App do the work for you! Car Costs Complete is an easy to use fuel log and tracks all costs belonging to your car, calculates fuel economy and shows information about your car costs structure. For analysis the App offers detailed and neat fuel and cost statistics and charts. Always keep track to fuel consumption, mileage and car expenses. THIS IS THE DEMO VERSION. Features are completely unrestricted until you reach the limit of 10 history entries, then you will have to buy the full version if you want to continue to use the App. You can import all data into the full version easily. HIGHLIGHTS: -) Multiple cars are supported -) AUTOMATED logging of periodic costs -) Multiple units are supported (>100 currencies, miles/kilometer, gallons/liter, fuel economy in miles/gallon [mpg] or l/100km) -) Backup/export to SDCard -) Import of fuellog entries from SDCard (any CSV file, e.g. created with MS Excel) -) Available in English and German -) Partial refueling is supported (the data will be used at the next full fill up) -) Logging of fuel station and motorway/city/road percentage possible -) Charts: fuel economy, monthly costs, cost development (costs/usage time), cost structure (cost groups %), odometer, fuel price; more charts coming soon -) Statistic: fuel economy (with tendency), distance (total and per month) with road type percentage, estimated range, costs (per month/per year) & much more (see screen shots) Feedback is appreciated. Benzine tracker fuel management mileage tracker, mileage log fuel economy fuel calculator cost logging cost log, cost calculator cost monitor Recent changes: * Improved sliders for road type percentage (buttons for fine adjusting) * Bugfix: FC at CSV import (if no file was selected) prevented * Fixes some other bugs Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-30-2010
    version was updated
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