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  • MERSO - Sailing Application

    by Carbayon
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Born from a school project, MERSO is a sailing application with a small difference, it connects to a server to download the entire course information. is a website that acts as a repository, Clubs, Marks, Series and Courses are uploaded to the server, then the phone connects to download the information. The current test clubs are as follows; - Ireland, Republic of + Dublin > Howth Sailing Club11 or > Howth Yatch Club Before starting the race, open the application and select the Club, Series and Course, the phone will download the information, including the marks and the direction (Port or Starboard) The application has a map service, so you can see the marks before the course starts, and during the race, the phone will help you navigate to the mar, once you are in reach of the mark, the phone will change automatically to the next mark. The phone displays the course marks (past, current and next), a digital compass indicating the correct bearing and Course over Ground and it also displays Distance to Mark (DTM), Time to Marks (TTM), Speed over Ground (SOG) and Velocity Made Good (VMG). There is also a MOB setting that will override the course settings and direct you straight to the location pressed. Recent changes: Version 1 (Xiana); First publication, uploaded to receive feedback from users Version 2 (Trasgu); Corrects problem with the icons Version 3 (Nuberu); Corrects problems with the compass, the numbers were not moving correctly Version 4 (Cuelebre); Corrects problems with missing pre-set distance to mark (Dashboard crashed when opened), changed font on cardinal print on the compass, changed end of race settings Version 5 (Ayalgues); Corrected problems with speed and distance displays. Content rating: Low Maturity



  • 07-30-2010
    version was updated
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