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This live wallpaper contains a collection of gears that give your phone the mechanical appearance of the inside of a clock or watch. It can actually be used as a clock by enabling the clock hands. We are releasing this as a beta because we want you're feedback. Please email us with suggestions! Live Wallpaper Features: - Accurate Gear Ratios - Several Gear Configurations - Different Gear/Background Colors - Use your own background image - Show/Hide Clock Hands - Configurable Speed - More! Visit our website to see other live wallpapers or share this live wallpaper with friends. Follow our live wallpaper projects, and hear about promotions on twitter @blackmarketapps. TO RATE THIS LIVE WALLPAPER: After downloading the live wallpaper, find the market listing again, select a number of stars, and leave a comment. TO OPEN: From the home screen, press the settings button, then wallpapers, then live wallpapers. Find the live wallpaper you purchased in the list and select it. *Check Out Our Other Live Wallpapers!* - Lava Lamp Live Wallpaper - Arachnophobia Live Wallpaper - Infestation Live Wallpaper - Christmas Town Live Wallpaper (Seasonal) - Make It Rain Donation live wallpaper - Web Live Wallpaper - Spiral GL Live Wallpaper - Balls Live Wallpaper - Halloween 3D Live Wallpaper (Seasonal) - On Dubs GL Live Wallpaper - Black Hole Live Wallpaper - Cats and Dogs Live Wallpaper - And More! All of our live wallpapers make use of Open GL to take advantage of the superior graphics capabilities of Android Phones, and maximize battery usage. Content rating: Everyone



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