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Quassel is a distributed, decentralized IRC client, written using C++ and Qt. QuasselDroid is a pure-java client for the Quassel core, allowing you to connect to your Quassel core using your Android (TM) phone. NB! THIS APPLICATION HAS TO CONNECT TO A QUASSEL CORE, IT DOES NOT WORK AS A STANDALONE IRC CLIENT We are currently in early beta, so expect crashes and features not working. Submitting crash logs will help us if something goes wrong Works with 0.6.x and newer cores Recent changes: - Major rewrite of some core code so might have introduced new bugs - Changed bufferlist to an expandable list, so networks can be collapsed - Added progress updates during connecting, so buffer list in not shown before everything is ready - Added sound, light and vibration for notifications, with preferences to turn on and off - Allowing cancellation of login with back button Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-30-2010
    version was updated
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