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A handy deck of simple full-screen Planning Poker cards, with just enough configurability to let your Agile or Scrum team estimate tasks your way. No ads or other nonsense, just clean, crisp and easy to use. Features include: - Full-screen (no title bar) cards - No screen timeouts when a card is shown - Optional 0 (zero), ½ (half), ∞ (infinity), ? (unknown) and the all-important coffee cards - Configurable Fibonacci and monetary sequences for the cards This app is in active development. Please email comments and feature requests to The source code for this app is available on Github at Recent changes: v1.1.0 Card swiping added - swipe left or right to change the value of the currently selected card! (transition animations to follow in an up-coming release...) v1.0.3 More card sequences added (compact Fibonacci and monetary) v1.02 Now includes an excellent cup of coffee! v1.01 Initial release Content rating: Everyone



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    version was updated
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