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  • Adult Foreplay Sex Boardgame

    by Nexoware
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Your sex life has lost some of its charm or you are just looking to add some spice to your love life? Then this is the right app for you! The "Sex Foreplay Boardgame" is an erotic adult board game for your android phone. Both partners move their avatar alternately on the board and pamper their partner as described on the field. Your foreplay and sex will be an amorous adventure with this app! This erotic adult board game contains: - Uncountable variations of sex foreplay! - A large game board with different type of fields! - No game is like the others! This Game is complete in english! Keywords: adults, sex board game, sex dices, sex positions, erotic dices, petting, prelude, foreplay, amorous, sexual, love, nude, sex Content rating: High Maturity



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