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  • Float Memo

    by PSC
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This is an application to create floating memo. The character memo and the image memo can be made. *Want to make the reply mail while seeing the content of the receive mail. *Want to be able to come into sight at any time the business that can never be forgotten. *Want always to see the face of an important person. The notification for the start can be displayed in 'ongoing' of the notification bar. Please select "Text memo" or "Image memo" from the menu after the application program starts. (By tapping screen, the input screen of "Text memo" can be displayed. ) [Text memo] The input text becomes a memo as it is. Drag in the screen, you can move the text. The text can be corrected by tapping screen. [Image memo] The image selected in the gallery etc. becomes a memo as it is. Drag in the screen, you can move the image. [Memo setting] You can change *Text size *Text color *Frame color *Background color *Background alpha *Image alpha [Preference] You can select *Use ongoing bar *Close noticication *Transparent background *Silent share *Auto clipboard - It operates since Android1.6. - It is a confirmed operation by N-04C,GalaxyTab,SH-12C. Recent changes: Change icon. When killed by insufficient memory, it corrects so that a memo may be returned at the time of resumption of service. The fault of the coordinates at the time of picture memo edit is corrected. Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-30-2010
    version was updated
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