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Animated radar & more! Download the power of The Weather Channel to your phone. Thank you to everyone who has provided us with detailed feedback and useful suggestions regarding our new user interface. We strive to build easy-to-use applications while at the same time building navigation that allows for a fuller feature set that is easy to access. Developing a rich weather experience is our top priority. We are currently working on addressing specific complaints regarding a few known bugs that still exist, but please know that we continue to optimize the app to address consumer feedback. The TWC Mobile team greatly appreciates our customers' feedback and patience as we work on our next build. If you are in the Atlanta area & want to be a part of user testing: The Weather Channel for Android adds new features – a new user interface, integration of iWitness Weather and international language support – while still encompassing the enhanced features of its original version, including fully customizable weather maps, animated radar maps, detailed weather conditions and forecasts, severe weather alerts, and a notification bar with the current temperature and severe weather alert indicator. The current release fixes a few bugs and includes new additions: •Based on consumer feedback, a new user interface includes easier navigation between main weather screens and easy-to-access maps, new search with a less imposing search bar, a new UI for landscape mode, and deletion of the confirmation box on app exit •Integration of iWitness Weather, TWC’s user-generated community, allows users to tell their own weather story by uploading photos and videos as weather happens. •Internationalization to support Spanish, French and UK English languages In addition, the app offers all new features exclusively for Verizon 4G/LTE customers through the end of the year. These features include near-HD quality videos and the addition of TruPoint maps, which will offer radar, temperature and cloud maps with forecasts for up to 6 hours in the future. iWitness Weather will be offered via the Verizon 4G app as well. The Weather Channel for Android 3.2 still includes the content and features consumers have come to expect. It still offers the "find me" function that allows consumers to get weather forecasts for their pinpointed location or search by city, ZIP code, street address or landmark. The app also includes interactive maps that are fully customizable and feature the functionality of Google Maps. Customers can decide to display layers such as radar, clouds, UV index, rainfall and more. Recent changes: Updates: • Fix Force Closes • Easier navigation • New search with a less imposing search bar • A new UI for landscape mode • No more pesky confirmation box on app exit • iWitness Weather – upload photos and videos to tell your weather story • Spanish and French support • Several bug fixes Exclusive features for Verizon 4G/LTE customers (currently Thunderbolt and Charge devices): • Near-HD quality videos • Animated, future TruPoint maps Content rating: Low Maturity



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