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**Full version now supports FREE theme downloads!! **Full version has over 40 themes FREE!! **Full version allows you to save images to the gallery!! **Full version allows you to save your favorite images!! HipHop Backgrounds is a great free app, lots of backgrounds ranging from HipHop, to Entertainment, to Morbid, and even some for the ladies. We think this app is at least a 3.5 star app, LOL, help us get there. Please email with any comments or suggestions, give us a chance to address your concerns. COMMENT RESPONSES: by majyk (March 9, 2011) Download it for free but u have to pay to put it on your phone (Um you can set the wallpapers using the 'Set Wallpaper' button, but yes the save feature is only in the full version, I guess the app wasn't free enough for him, lol.) by Deborah (March 2, 2011) Because [UNABLE] TO >{SAVE}< IMAGES... I rarely use this app @ all. IF ANYONE WANTS SOME REALLY NICE HD >{SAVABLE}< IMAGES - DOWNLOAD THE "ZEDGE" APP (thanks for the shameless plug...another one...damn) by Nick (February 23, 2011) A couple good ones but if you like hip hop try out the "rapahh" app (thanks for the shameless plug...) by Sean (February 8, 2011) Cool...most of them don't fit screen its too bad cuz all the good ones don't fit my screen ...o well (Thanks for the good rating, can you email us what device you have, we may be able to fix the problem for ya!) by Kathy (February 8, 2011) Okay pics however doesn't let me save or send the pics (Thanks for the rating and the feedback, we're thinking of adding picture saving in the next major release ;) by เดียวจักรพรรดิ (February 5, 2011) Yahoo! (Awesome, thanks!) by Arielle (February 1, 2011) Doesnt open. Says error. (Probably a network error or disruption should go away on its own.) by Michelle (January 29, 2011) Cool backgrounds, but stopped working (Thanks, not sure what the cause of that is, may need to reinstall after the last update, will address asap and update.) by Preetie (January 27, 2011) Works great for me, not bad for a free version >_< (Thanks!) by Ariel (January 24, 2011) not really hip hop (There's a lot of HipHop stuff in the Urban and HipHop categories, and yeah there is a lot of extra stuff, should we turn the extra bgrounds off?) by DeSean (January 10, 2011) LAME (Ouch, well we tried, and it is 100% free...) by Christopher (December 24, 2010) Nice app! Tons of good backgrounds (Thanks, we paid him to say that...just kidding :) by weston (December 5, 2010) Stupid. You have to have a different app for every other picture you want. (You don't, that's just in the themes section, since themes are stand alone apps, I guess he didn't check out any other categories...oh well) by beezyy. (October 23, 2010) Nothing good Nd its super slow. (There has to be at least one good one in there. Once the images are cached it's much quicker, I promise.) by aryan (October 16, 2010) Super (Thanks!!) by William (October 8, 2010) g (Thanks, I think... :) Recent changes: Fixed new background notification system. Content rating: High Maturity



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